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Re: the Bando-REAL Book project, I'm interested in using Fediverse software for a blog, but I know absolutely nothing about hosting my own website. Anyone have any advice? Maybe @writefreely ?

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This next update is a l o n g b o i, so I'll just link this blog post on bandoriparty:

TLDR: Decided on a location for the MAGFest shoot! Katsucon is still TBD until gets their shit together 🤔 And I've started making chord charts for Bandori songs!


I created this account to organize meetups and cosplay gatherings on the east coast. My first events are MAGFest and Katsucon! See profile links for the Facebook event pages. Date/time and location aren't finalized yet, and I'll make sure to post here when they are.


Welcome to this BanG Dream! instance!

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