But for now... Day 1 of the Rausch und/and Craziness Couch Tour is tomorrow! Who's going? I'll be at the NJ showing tomorrow, then the Fairfax showing next weekend since I'll be in town for Disco Biscuits. See you there! :cgss_riina:

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Whew... between planning for my Japan trip, then the trip itself, then Halloween, then AnimeNYC, holidays, Chara Expo, then MORE holidays, Phishmas, and now MAGFest, I've had basically no time since the beginning of October (;´Д`) I'll make a ton of summary posts later.

Basically my experience with . The lows were low, but the highs were SO worth it. I met tons of my internet friends IRL for the first time, got Reo and Nonchan's autographs, and (barely) saw some awesome concerts. I'll DEFINITELY be back next year! You can't escape from Mr. Kidani's wild ride :bppp9: :barisa3:

Less than 24 hours until Guilty Kiss's appearance at and 48 until Miku Ito's performance :bkasumi2: :bppp5:

I also changed my icon to celebrate Miku Ito's first US appearance!

has opened submissions for official photoshoots this year, so I started planning ahead. Last year was my first Bandori shoot ever (and I think the first one ever on the east coast?) so I thought MAGFest 2020 would be the perfect time to celebrate this group's 1st anniversary. Pleas vote in the poll on this page: facebook.com/events/4881857819

ONE MORE THING... I spent the past few days throwing together some business cards I'm planning on handing out at AnimeNYC/Chara Expo. I'm planning on ordering them on Vistaprint tonight. Do they look good? :bppp5:

The Tae I drew myself, and it's supposed to be a parody of the Dwelling of Duels logo \m/

Also some BIG news: My friends convinced me to host a shoot at AnimeNYC in celebration of Miku Ito's East Coast (and I think all of USA?) debut! Facebook link with all the information here: facebook.com/events/9016613668

I also entered my Kaoru costume in the special Bandori cosplay contest, and got in :bkaoru1: :bkasumi2:

Otakon photoshoot is happening! Go to bandori.party/activity/20963/H or the Facebook link in my profile for more info, and make sure to vote on the time in the pinned post! I'll submit the official photoshoot form by this Friday. See you there! :bppp1:

I know it's early, but the Facebook event page for my AnimeNext cosplay gathering is up! facebook.com/events/2269551303 More information to come in May, when the official photoshoot forms open up.

I went to the K-On! panel yesterday, and it was awesome. THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED

The shoot was was another success! I'll post my pictures in a google drive link when I get home. See you guys at AnimeNext and Otakon! And maybe Chara Expo too? :cgss_riina:

gathering CONFIRMED!!! It's at 7 PM in the Potomac Hallway (photoshoot area 3). More info: bandori.party/activity/12685/ Facebook event link in profile. See you there!

MAGFest photoshoot yesterday was a massive success!!! I'll post pictures when I get home. See you all at Katsucon! See profile links for the Facebook event.

I suddenly got a burst of inspiration, so I made another chord chart for the Bando-Real Book! Here's Yura Yura Ring-Dong-Dance. I can totally imagine playing a super fast, Disco Biscuits-style cover of this song.


Master folder: drive.google.com/drive/folders

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