Basically my experience with . The lows were low, but the highs were SO worth it. I met tons of my internet friends IRL for the first time, got Reo and Nonchan's autographs, and (barely) saw some awesome concerts. I'll DEFINITELY be back next year! You can't escape from Mr. Kidani's wild ride :bppp9: :barisa3:

Less than 24 hours until Guilty Kiss's appearance at and 48 until Miku Ito's performance :bkasumi2: :bppp5:

I also changed my icon to celebrate Miku Ito's first US appearance!

ONE MORE THING... I spent the past few days throwing together some business cards I'm planning on handing out at AnimeNYC/Chara Expo. I'm planning on ordering them on Vistaprint tonight. Do they look good? :bppp5:

The Tae I drew myself, and it's supposed to be a parody of the Dwelling of Duels logo \m/

I went to the K-On! panel yesterday, and it was awesome. THE MUSIC NEVER STOPPED

The shoot was was another success! I'll post my pictures in a google drive link when I get home. See you guys at AnimeNext and Otakon! And maybe Chara Expo too? :cgss_riina:


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